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The company is established in 2006, it is a business entity in the form of incorporated company that moves in goods and services. But, along with the growth of the business, in 2011 and 2012 the company starts to expand to another industry such as Civil Engineering and Telecommunication industry to fulfill the existing affiliation project so they can be sustainable.

In 2013, the company did a great adjustment starts from the objectives of the company, the capital, until the business corridor that works in the moment.

Along with the growth and business opportunities, in 2013 the management of the company expands their scope in e-voucher switching system and electronic payment. The changes in the business is intended to optimize the existing business network and synergize the needs of the business target in competing in the globalization era.


  • Provide reload electronic SIM card products and other e-Payment activities
  • As an IT solution for our Modern Retail partners with an uncomplicated concept so it is easy to operate
  • Distribute and control the products, also provide transaction data in each retail partner, suitable with the format that the partners wants
  • Monitoring the continuity of the programs in all Modern Trade Channel



  1. Partnership Agreement with PT. Jaya Kreasi Putra Indonesia No. : 074/JKPINDO/MoU/AMA/VIII/2013 in 21-08- 2013 about partnership in Marketing and Electronic Voucher Distribution

  2. In 2013, PT. AMA is doing a partnership with PT. Kimia Farma Apotek (No.15/PKS/DIR-AMA/X/2013 and No. 33/KFA-PRJ/XI/2013) in 12-11- 2013, about Marketing and Distribution of Electronic Voucher and Electronic Payment in every outlet (621 outlets) of Kimia Farma Pharmacy in Indonesia.

  1. Partnership Agreement with Telkomsel since 15 April 2014 about Telkomsel Products sales with agreement No. Telkomsel PKS.378/LG.05/CM-01/VII/2014, No. AMA : 033/PKS/DIR-AMA/IV/2014, No. KFA : 20/KFA-PRJ/IV/2014.

  2. Partnership Agreement with PT. XL Axiata Tbk. about XL credit and data plan in the name of telecommunication services through Aggregator in 15 April 2014 with Agreement No. XL : 4284A/XXXIX.M.7519/XL/I/2014 and Aggregator No. : 022/PKS/DIR-AMA/I/2014.

Renewal partnership with Telkomsel in July 1, 2015, No. Telkomsel : PKS.291/LG.05/SL-01/VI/2015, No. AMA : 017/PKS/DIR-AMA/VI/2015, No. KFA : 26/KFA-PRJ/VII/2015

  1. Partnership Agreement with PT. BANK BNI Syariah No. : BNISy/FTD/0001/PKS dan No. : 003/PKS/DIR-AMA/I/2016 in January 15, 2016, about partnership in Hasanah Payment Online Transaction

  2. Partnership Agreement with PT. INDOSAT Tbk. No. : 0031/G00-G0A/LGL/16 in March 10, 2016 about agreement in Nominating the Alternative Channel Partners

  3. Partnership Agreement with the Cooperative of West Java Pesantren Nomor : 032/PKS/DIR-AMA/IV/2016 dan No. : 001/PK/PUSKOP/JB/IV/2016 in April 22, 2016, about E-Payment and Digital Product partnership

  4. Letter of Intent from PT. SIAR MEDIA DIGITAL No. : 09/PKS/AMA-SIAR/VI/2016 in June 22, 2016, about partnership in cellphone credit business inside the NU’s business environment to PT. AIR MAS ASIA based on partnership agreement between PBNU and PT. SIAR MEDIA DIGITAL No. : 003/3/SMD-KMNU/16, in March 17, 2016

  5. Letter of Intent from BMT Maslahah Sidorigi No. 336/A.3/BMT-MAS/XII/2016 in December 14, 2016, about Nomination of Aggregator for Reload Electronic Products and Physical SIM Card

  6. Letter of Intent from PT. CITRA MAKMUR RITAILINDO the owner of Baby World brand No. 001/CMR-ONLINE/I/2017 in December 23, 2016 about Nomination of Aggregator in Reload Electronic products.

  1. Renewal Partnership with PT. Kimia Farma No. : KFA.03.03/DIR/21/I/2017 in January 5, 2017 about Nomination of Aggregator for Reload Electronic Products and Physical SIM Card in their 688 Kimia Farma Pharmacy Stores.

  2. Letter of Intent from BMT UGT Sidogiri No. : 100/DU/200.20-34/I/2017 in January 17, 2017, about Nomination of Aggregator for Reload Electronic Products and Physical SIM Card.