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About Company

Along with the growth of telecommunication business and the tight rate competition between operators and telecommunication service providers in Indonesia, affecting the rate of mobile communication (voice, data, and video) offered to the customers to be cheaper. The cheap rate allows the customers to enjoy the telecommunication services and now their needs is changing not only for communication but also voice, data, and video, and it becomes their basic need. Aside from that PT. AIR MAS ASIA (AMA) is also entering the e-payment/e-money business since in this digital era, transactions can be done in many ways.

Giving the best services to customers is a must and giving a value-added service is what we are working on right now. Related to that, PT. AIR MAS ASIA (AMA) is now doing some collaboration in distributing electronic voucher top up with a modern channel concept. In realizing that plan, AMA is doing a partnership with some cellular phone operators.

By doing the partnership, AMA hopes that its business products can be well distributed to the entire location network nationally.



To be a reliable and professional switching or e-Payment company.


  1. To be a public company that can create and develop its business potential in various sectors of e-Channel Payment Service or Switching
  2. Air Mas Asia tries its best with the attractiveness and profitability of the business opportunities for investors, partners, and employees in the industry related to the growth principle through a win-win solution partnership

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